Monday, 5 September 2011

Well... Have you ever hear of those bands that get so indie, so ear to the ground that they don't even play anymore??? Well that's basically where Stanford has been sitting for a few months waiting out a few curves thrown our way. What kind of curves you maybe wondering?? DRUMS . 

This word plagues my existance. Although Nick and I have done many auditions we are still currently without a permanent drummer for our live show and in limbo we wait. 
Also, I happen to have as many problems as a senior and have been unable to play music for the past two months thus having zero auditions....

Although things are looking up!  The wrist and voice are coming back to life.  So to celebrate I recorded a few of my new songs and tried out my voice for the first real time as well.  I've never been the most confidents solo performer but it looks like this may be a good time to learn...
Having trouble posting the video's on here so link to our facebook fan page to hear some new songs.

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